The stag party is an integral part of the pre-wedding preparations. An amazing stag party is not just some ordinary get together of friends over a beer; it’s supposed to be a mind-blowing experience that will be remembered throughout the ages! You have to make sure that you really make this one count! So how do you go about organizing such a memorable party?

Who organizes the party

Organization of the event traditionally rests on the shoulders of the groom’s best man. He’s typically also the groom’s closest mate, one he’s most likely known for many years, shares a common history with, a true confidant, and knows what is expected from him. This is HUGE responsibility! But the best man has nothing to fear: these days there are tons of companies and agencies that can help satisfactorily organize stag parties and craft an unforgettable night.


It might seem like there’s more than enough time, and that the wedding is in some far off, distant future. But don’t be fooled! Because if you ultimately decide to conduct your stag party abroad, it will be necessary to book flights ahead of time, for two reasons: 1) To secure cheaper tickets, thus saving more cash for the actual PARTYING; and 2) to prevent an embarrassing situation in which there aren’t enough seat available for everyone to travel together to your destination!

And definitely, do NOT schedule your stag party to occur THE NIGHT BEFORE THE WEDDING IS TO TAKE PLACE. This rather obvious point was expertly driven home in the buddy comedy film, The Hangover. The groom should always have enough time to recover from the exploits of the insane stag party and should be sober enough to be able to remember his vows, otherwise, you might make a lifelong enemy: your best buddy’s new bride.  

Who to invite

This point is very important, as it may determine who will be eternally offended by the fact that he or she was left off the guest list. Should you invite the bride’s father? Perhaps the weird guy from the local pub, with whom you’ve always hand an unexpectedly good time? In the case of a stag party, it’s not about pleasing the greatest number of people; it’s about making sure the groom has the most balls-out fun imaginable. If the bride’s father and the strange gentleman from the pub are a couple of blokes which the groom absolutely wants to spend his last night of freedom with, and you have faith that neither of them would look at the groom accusingly at the moment his lapdance-induced boner appears, well, then…invite them! If this is not the case, don’t take the risk of royally screwing everything up. This should be a stellar night that will (most likely/hopefully) only happen once!

How to invest

There are plenty of benefits for organizing a stag party in wondrous Prague. Besides unlimited fun and alcohol inhaled are the prices! The Czech Republic is a famous beer superpower, and it’s no coincidence that in many restaurants, bars, and clubs, beer is actually CHEAPER than bottled water! Therefore, you can organize an amazingly luxurious party for the same price of a standard party almost anywhere else in Europe. It might be necessary to make sure everyone can afford his share of trip/party costs, avoiding any awkward situations that could potentially arise. But that is a rarity when talking about partying in Prague because here is where you truly get the most bang for your buck!