Why should you party with us? Here are some damn good reasons:

A stag or bachelor party is a traditional celebration in honor of the groom. Most of them are weekend events which will be attended by the groom’s closest friends as they spend the last weekend of his freedom with him. This is a legendary event which everyone should remember all their lives. According to certain world rankings, the best place to hold a stag party is PRAGUE: A metropolis in the very heart of Europe, equipped with a rich culture, beautiful women, great cuisine, and cheap, delicious beer! But this is just a tiny sampling of all the reasons why EVERY groom should say “goodbye” to freedom in Prague, and particularly with us!


  1. We cooperate with the largest and only proper world class clubs in the Czech Republic;
  2. All clubs have great location in the center of Prague;
  3. We spend numerous years spent atop the local adult entertainment industry;
  4. We ensure that you will see original and colorful shows;
  5. With us you will have opportunity to see In-house corps de ballet;
  6. Get excited -Tailor made choreography and costumes for all of the dancers in these clubs
  7. Multifarious programs, even for the most discerning customers. Women from all around the world provide the sexiest entertainment imaginable. Anyone can find exactly what he’s looking for: models, curvy/buxom girls, blondes, brunette, redheads, blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes, fair skinned, dark skinned, tall, short, submissive or dominant.
  8. Huge selection of top shelf alcohol in those clubs – From beer to 10-year-old whiskey, to champagne.
  9. Free transfer by limo, from the hotel straight to the club
  10. 100% discreet zone – no cameras, no filming.
  11. Safety in clubs assured by expert security.
  12. Opulent programs which offer plenty of shows every night.