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Laser Arena

Laser Arena


  • Laser arena right in the center of Prague

  • Game full of adrenaline and fun



Before the game, you will get a special vest with sensors and attached weapon and you will get basic instructions for a game, 12 minutes of adrenaline may begin. In the arena, you will tactically move, hide, sneak and earn points for tagging opponents or avoiding being tagged. You will use built covers, including 2 upper spots for a better overview of the opponents. During the game you can choose and change the firing mode: an automatic gun – for precise and distant shots or a shotgun – better for closer distance, with much wider range but less precision. When someone tags you, your vest and gun will be deactivated for few seconds. At that time you cannot shoot or be hit again. Then you will hear a signal from your vest and you are again in full firepower to continue to fight and destroy opponents.

Minimum people to book: 5
Maximum people to book: 12

Price: 29€ per person

2x 12 games
1 beer for each person

Have some fun!