1.  Only the participants talk about what’s going on at the stag party.
  2.  If you choose to participate, don’t go running your mouth about it to the outside world.
  3.  Photography is only permitted at the beginning of the stag party. Make video recordings and take photos during the event at your own risk
  4. What happens at the stag party remains at the stag party. You should ban the use of Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks during the event: this is definitely in your own interest.
  5. A stag party is all about having fun. Thus, all serious topics such as dysfunctional marriages, naughty children, hated jobs, or nefarious business affairs should be taboo during the event.
  6. A favorite prank at stag parties is shaved eyebrows. But keep in mind that a groom with shaved eyebrows at the wedding is not exactly the kind of memory you will cherish when all of you think back to such an important day!
  7. A stag party is about a group of people spending time together; staying together. No member of that party should take off and head to another party.
  8. The party is for the groom and all about the groom!